The Creator's Triune

The Creator's Triune are three characters created by the Creator to be a bigger challenge to the other characters. To do this, The Triune were given special attributes to evolve faster then the others.

The Creator's Triune are all fought together in Melee's event 51. The difficulty of this event (a 1 VS 3 battle) is what makes it stand out more than the other events in Melee.

The Creator's Triune include:

Bowser/Giga Bowser Bowser is the strongest of the Creator's Triune. The fact that he can trasform into Giga Bowser and hold the transformation for a while AND that he was the last opponent in Melee's adventure mode is proof of this.
Ganondorf The second strongest of the Creator's Triune. In Brawl, Ganondorf can transform into Ganon (His 'true form') but cannot hold the transformation as long as Bowser can be Giga Bowser.
Mewtwo The third strongest of the Creator's Triune. Mewtwo cannot transform like the other two can, but his Psychic powers can possibly make up for that.