The main theme of the Smash King Tourney is to pick a team of three and lead it to victory throughout the tournament. There are a total of eight teams in the Smash King Tourney.

Team BowserEdit

The main team of the series, Team Bowser is one of only two teams formations to be shown on screen. The team consists of Bowser, the leader, and the team recruiter, Peach, the main female protagonist of the series, and Meta Knight, one of the main characters, and good friend of Bowser and Peach. They have only one known loss in the tournament, to Team Ganondorf, where they were defeated by Link and Lucario together.

Team SonicEdit

A team started by Sonic , they are the perfect rivaled team to Team Falcon. The team, consists of Sonic , the leader, and fastest living Brawler, Ike , the self-proclaimed hero of justice, and Mario , Bowser's lifetime rival, and one of the main protaganists. Team Sonic has time and time again proved themselves to be a very powerful team in combat, and have racked up their wins quite greatly since the tournaments start.

Team GanondorfEdit

The main evil team of the series. Team Ganondorf consists of the leader, Ganondorf , the main antagonist of the series, Link , a hero turned bad, and Lucario , the Brawl reincarnation of the previous Melee tournament's trophy, Mewtwo . Team Ganondorf is undefeated in the Smash King tourney, and is a shoe-in for the tournament's finals. The team seeks to recruit Bowser , and bring out the monster inside of him.

Team FalconEdit

A team made from Sonic's idea of a perfect team. Team Falcon consists of the leader, Captain Falcon , the joke of the entire world, Marth , the knight of Melee top tier glory, and Luigi , Mario's second rate brother. The team is considered a huge joke in the tournament and are very likely to have not won a single match since the start, mainly because of Falcon's refusal to leave the Bridge of Eldin at most times.

Team PikachuEdit

One of the more battle-obsessed teams of the series. Team Pikachu consists of Pikachu , the hotheaded elecric mouse with a grudge on Bowser , Kirby , the annoying copycat, and Toon Link , the underrated swordsman of the world. They do seem like a strong team in the series but probably not strong enough to qualify into the top 2 becsause of the lack of a powerhouse on their team.

Team KongEdit

Clearly one of the toughest teams of the tournament. Team Kong consists of the leader, Donkey Kong , the powerhouse black Gorilla, Mr. Game and Watch, the risk taking smack talker, and Olimar, the Pikmin commanding astronaut given the nickname Blackimar. They are easily the strongest minor team, with a near victory over Team Bowser under their belt because of Donkey Kong being able to rival the power of Bowser for a while.

Team ClimbersEdit

One of the lesser known teams in the tourney, Team Climbers consists of Ice Climbers Popo and Nana who are the leaders and count as one participant for and unknown reason,Squirtle who is a decent fighter but a bit too kind to seriously fight someone he likes and Lucas, the weakest of the bunch and not taken seriously by most. They are all pretty fast and agile but without a strong hitter, they have struggled through the tourney.

Team YoshiEdit

A formidable but a little known team is Team Yoshi. The leader is a Yoshi which is more powerful and devious than most of the it's species, Diddy Kong, a speedy foe and younger relative to Donkey Kong and Ness who is Diddy's best friend and an opposite to Lucas. They use their small reputation to their advantage to trick opponents into letting their guard to so they can attack.