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Sonic, the celebrated speed demon.
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First Appearence

Episode 2: The Hunt For A Dragon (Main Series, Cameo)

Episode 4: (Main Series)

Sonic is the self proclaimed speed demon in all of Brawl. He is the leader of him, Mario and Ike's team and he has had a rivalry with Captain Falcon since they met.


Sonic's role in the story can be explained simply as wanting to win the Smash King tournament. Sonic puts himself in the leader position of Team Sonic, consisting of himself, Mario, and Ike. Sonic proves himself as a powerful smasher, defeating both Ike and Mario at once, and a very excellent strategist, as seen in the battle against team Yoshi. Sonic's rivalry with Captain Falcon builds, as the two race, but when Link of Team Ganondorf picks a fight with them, Captain Falcon finally proves his strength to Sonic, and the hedgehog feels weak for the first time ever. When Captain Falcon's ghost reappears after his death, he tells Sonic, that no matter what, Sonic is always the fastest brawler in the world.


Sonic's personality is a lot like he normally is, sarcastic, somewhat lazy, and very cocky. He appears to be rash, and cold towards his teammates, but in actuality, he is kind at heart.


Sonic's abilities of course revolve around using his speed to outmaneuver his enemies, his special moves include rolling himself into a ball, and damaging enemies from the ground or air, and he can create a spring to bounce himself higher up. Many of his normal moves are simple martial arts, and he fights by using his speed combined with them to confuse his enemies.

Final SmashEdit

Sonic's Final Smash is known as Super Sonic, in which his skin turns golden, and a fiery aura surrounds him. In this form, Sonic becomes much faster and stronger, and gains the ability of flight. Sonic first shows this power against Team Yoshi, and later uses it to fight against Link.

Ascent ModeEdit

Sonic's Ascent Mode is called "Hyper Sonic". Unlike Mario and Bowser, who invoked them by rage, Sonic unlocked his by experimenting. By applying a Final Smash onto another Final Smash, he uses his new power on Dark Link. Unfortunately, he is forced to power down, making him drained and makes him vulnerable to Link's attacks. He later uses it in Episode 14: Castaway to break up the brawl between Mario and Bowser. Bowser instantly recognizes Sonic despite his transformation but Mario is completely shocked to the point he questions his identity. (He says "Sonic?" with Sonic turning round and looking at him) He powers down after Mario starts revealing the Koopa's Melee secrets.