Phantom Ganon is a double that can be created by Ganondorf.

Abilities Edit

Being a phantom clone of Ganondorf, Phantom Ganon possesses similar abilities to that of his master: he can teleport via portals of dark magic, summon spheres of lightning, and wields a sword similar to (if not the very same one as) Ganondorf's. Phantom Ganon is also capable of using moves that Ganondorf himself used in the World of Melee, the Gerudo Dragon being the most notable.

History Edit

Smash King Edit

Phantom Ganon appears in Episode 18, when Ganondorf first summons him to deal with Samus and the others as they help Dedede escape following a failed assassination attempt. The phantom stabs Snake through the back with his sword, briefly incapacitating him (though this does not kill him). Phantom Ganon then attempts to deal with Wolf, but is defeated after being shot through the chest.

He appears again not long after, emerging from the shadows alongside the newly resurrected Meta Ridley.