Luigi, the overshadowed brother of Mario

Voiced By Cybermax17
First Appearence

File 1: Start (Raccanto)

Episode 7:For The Love Of Diddy (Main Series)

The younger brother of Mario is the green-attired plumber who goes by the name of luigi. He is one of the 12 fighters to be in all three worlds. He entered the brawl tournament with his partners, Captain Falcon and Marth.


Luigi is introduced later in the story, as an already existing member of Team Falcon. Luigi first talks to his brother Mario, claiming he was worried since he couldn't find Mario when the world of Brawl was first created. Luigi is seen multiple times as a background character/member of the crowds, and is involved in a huge battle against Link on the Bridge of Eldin, with his team, and Sonic as allies.


Luigi is a shy, mysterious Brawler, whose main abilities are unknown, and he fakes his accent so that people will not know that he used to live in the shadow of his older brother Mario.

Fighting StyleEdit

Luigi's fighting style seems to be to do whatever he can to win, he runs flailing his arms at opponents, and sometimes even uses his head to bash them. He shoots green fireballs from his fingertips, and can super jump punch enemies just like his brother Mario does.