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Link, the former Hero of Time.
Voiced By Zenzodiac/Mofat
First Appearence File 6 (Racconto)

Episode 6: (Main Series)

"You... won't bring me down!" - Link

Link is the former "Hero of Time," and a member of Team Ganon. Once a noble warrior praised by all, he switched over to villainy due to not only failing to defeat Ganondorf, but also due to the stress that resulted from everyone depending on him. As a result, he became a twisted, maniacal individual who lives for the thrill of fighting, going so far as to push his opponents to the brink of death.

Personality Edit

Racconto Edit

Link is a noble man, respected by everyone due to the heroic deeds of his past incarnations: he even bears the title "Hero of Time." On the outside, he comes off as calm and amicable, but this is only a facade to hide his true feelings: being put on a pedestal by everyone has made Link insecure about his status as a hero, which only grows as his conflict with Ganondorf draws closer.

As time passes, this insecurity begins to slip through, with Link lashing out at anyone who thinks he has to live up to the deeds of his predecessors. This insecurity would be the start of his descent into madness that becomes prevalent in the main series.

Smash King Edit

After siding with Ganondorf and becoming a villain, Link has become noticeably unhinged, acting more like a savage animal than a rational being. He lives to fight, citing that there shouldn't be any reason to battle other than the thrill of it. While most fights in the World of Brawl are bloodless, Link is of the few (if not the only) trophies who has actually drawn blood, and won't stop until he is either defeated or his opponent dies.

Despite his madness, Link still seems to hold onto a shred of humanity: after his duel with Ike, he admits that he's come too far to be redeemed. He then decides that if he's going to live up to everyone's expectations again, it will only happen after he dies.


Racconto Edit

Link first appears in File 6, where he appears as the de facto leader of the group going after Ganondorf, being the one who calls for and adjourns any meetings relating to the subject. It is at this point where his insecurity is first hinted at: when Fox implies that everyone is counting on him to defeat Ganon, Link reacts halfheartedly before quickly calling the meeting to a close.

He appears again in File 8, sometime after Fox was killed by Ganondorf. His depression makes him lose some confidence, something that Roy calls him out on. Link lashes out, claiming that Roy has no idea how he feels, but the situation ends when Mario intervenes. Link then reminds himself that he, and only he, can defeat Ganondorf.

At some point, Link finally confronts the King of Evil and challenges him to a duel. Despite his best efforts, Link loses to Ganondorf and is killed. Prior to his death, however, Ganondorf poses a question to the Hero of Time: "Do you have to try and defeat me? Or do you want to?"

Smash King Edit

Prior to the events of the series, Link reunited with Ganondorf; the hero was shocked that it was Bowser, another villain, who triumphed over Ganon in the end, and realized that he didn't have to live up to the deeds of his past incarnations. He then decided to join Ganondorf as his ally, eager to see how life as a villain would be.

Act I Edit

Link makes his series debut in Episode 6, alongside Lucario. He is first seen challenging Marth, and would have possibly killed him had Lucario not intervened at the last moment. Later in the episode, he and Lucario challenge Team Bowser to a battle: while Link goes against Peach and Meta Knight, Lucario leaves to face Bowser. He appears one final time at the end of the episode, when Ganondorf appears to take Bowser back to his lair.

In Episode 7, Ganondorf ridicules Lucario for nearly ruining his plan, comparing him to Link in terms of carelessness. Ganon then demonstrates just how vicious Link is by offering him an Ivysaur to attack, which Link does with pure glee.

Link only appears briefly in Episode 8, helping Ganondorf and Lucario attempt to recapture Bowser.

Act II Edit

A month later, Team Ganon is the top ranking team in the tournament, having gone undefeated the entire time. Link accompanies Ganondorf, who is now ready to put his plan into motion, in his mission to recapture Bowser. The two encounter Mario and Ike by chance, prompting Ganondorf to send the two swordsmen into a reality known as "negative space." It is in this realm that Link plans to duel Ike, and looks forward to killing him.

In Episode 10, after Ike refuses to fight without getting answers as to why Link acts the way he does, the fallen hero reveals his tragic past: the stress of being a hero, being defeated by Ganon, and learning that Bowser had done what he was supposedly destined to do. Link then unleashes his true power, his Ascent Mode, to demonstrate just how vile he has become. Ike gains the resolve to fight, and the two begin their battle.