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Dedede, The President of the BS Society.

Voiced By OniRokaku/Shadic23
First Appearence Episode 2: The Hunt For A Dragon (Main Series)

Dedede is the head of the BS society and one of the strongest characters in the world of brawl. He has a particular interest for Bowser Koopa's powerful Ascent Mode and plans to somehow use it to get more money. He and his other BS society workers, Fox, Falco and Pit, set up the Brawl Tournament.


King Dedede's role in the story is to be the greedy head of the Brawl Spectator's Society. Simply put, he started the tournament, and runs the entire thing with Fox, Falco, Pit, and his Zero Suits. King Dedede's first appearance is in the third episode, and he is simply hosting the tournament, however, King Dedede's role becomes more important as time goes on, including helping to fight against Ganondorf when Bowser is under his control.


King Dedede, as head of the BS Society, is greedy and pampered. He barks orders, and is also a pimp on the side. Essentially, King Dedede is living the life.

Fighting StyleEdit

King Dedede's fighting style consists mainly of moves involving his hammer. He can even turn his hammer into a high-powered jet hammer. King Dedede's other moves include jumping extremely high into the air, and even swallowing things hole.