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Ike, the hero of justice.
Voiced By

Tigura21 (former VA of Ike)

IblisStarEvan (Current VA of Ike)

First Appearence Episode 2: The Hunt For A Dragon (Main Series)

Ike is a self-proclaimed Hero of Justice, often dreaming of helping those in need; despite this, he usually ends up doing more harm than good, often jumping into a situation without understanding it. Along with Mario and Sonic, he is a member of Team Sonic. He seems to believe that Bowser isn't as bad as Mario claims him to be, something that Mario vehemently objects to.

Personality Edit

Act I Edit

Ike is a kind-hearted young man, always eager to help those who are in need. However, his tendency to jump into a situation without gaining further context holds him back, and he has become something of a laughingstock as a result. He is desperate for friends, and tags along with Mario after the latter tries to help him reclaim his castle from some Yoshis.

Act II Edit

Though Ike still holds true to his "Hero of Justice" morality, he is more reserved than before, often waiting to hear all sides of a story before jumping into action. He also isn't afraid to put his morals before his allies, as seen when Mario still attempts to go after Bowser despite him confessing the truth.

History Edit

Smash King Edit

Ike first appears in Episode 2, returning to his castle to "slay the dragon" (a Yoshi, in this case). Mario, overhearing the young warrior, initially mistakes him for Roy: although Ike makes it clear that Mario is mistaken, the plumber still tags along in hopes that the "dragon" is Bowser.

When the two finally reach the castle, Mario is disappointed to learn that the dragon was merely a Yoshi. After a brief debate over whether Yoshis are dinosaurs or dragons (and another debate over whether Bowser is a dragon or a turtle), Ike slays the Yoshi. The two soon discover that the Yoshi laid eggs, and Ike vows to raise them as his own to repent for the murder of their mother: this proves to be for naught when the Yoshi babies hatch, and pursue the heroes. After Mario defeats the hatchlings, Ike thanks Mario for his help and decides to help him train as a token of gratitude.

During the course of Episodes 3 and 4, Ike continues to help Mario in his training, reminding him that although his determination to seek Bowser is admirable, he has to rest at some point. Ike is briefly taken out of commission when Sonic arrives to challenge Mario, and returns just in time to save them from the Ice Climbers.