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Title(s) Evil King
First Appearance File 5 (Racconto)

Episode 6 (Main Series)

Ganondorf is the main antagonist of Smash King, and the leader of Team Ganon. His team consists of him, Link, and Lucario. He seeks to use Bowser as a means to usurp the Creator and remake the World of Brawl in his own image.

Personality Edit

Ganondorf is a malicious, cunning villain. He possesses great power, and has the words to back it up. He's not one to make idle threats, and will gladly follow through on punishing those who dare to defy him. He also has a smug, almost sardonic sense of humor, as he often likes to toy with his opponents.

Abilities Edit

Much like his counterpart in the Zelda series, Ganondorf is a powerful warlock capable of utilizing dark magic. He can teleport at will, and summon spheres of lightning to attack his foes. He can also transform into the boar-like Ganon, another trait he carries over from the Zelda franchise. In addition to all this, he can also summon a double in Phantom Ganon, who also possesses many of Ganondorf's abilities.

Ganondorf is also capable of matrix alteration, an ability forbidden among trophies due to the dangers it poses. Having figured out how to integrate this power into his sword, he uses this to kill Pichu, Fox, and Mewtwo.

History Edit

Racconto Edit

At some point, Mewtwo introduced Bowser to Ganondorf, who informed him that he and Mewtwo were planning on changing the world forever. To ensure Bowser's cooperation, he shatters the matrix of Pichu, Bowser's only friend, and forces "Koopa" to realize that no one will come to aid him because he is a villain. Seeing no other option, Bowser sides with Ganon and Mewtwo.

Ganondorf's first appearance is in File 5, where he expresses delight in Bowser officially joining Team Mario: now that Bowser is part of the team, he can relay information to Ganondorf that would otherwise jeopardize his scheme.

He appears again in File 8, where he again remarks how perfectly things are going for his plan. Mewtwo, who at this point realizes how Bowser's life has taken a turn for the better, decides to convince Ganon that, if Bowser could gain the trust of the others, than perhaps he could do the same. Ganondorf bitterly recalls how at one point he did try to integrate into society, but was scorned due to the chaos his prior incarnations wrought: as such, he seeks to make the world suffer for his mistreatment. When Mewtwo tries again to change his mind, Ganondorf inflicts a brutal punishment on him, and threatens to kill Bowser if Mewtwo ever steps out of line again. When Bowser returns with his daily report, he sees a battered Mewtwo and snaps at Ganon: enraged, Ganondorf prepares to punish the Koopa, but once Bowser points out that he'll only throw a wrench in his own plan, Ganon begrudgingly leaves them.

After some time, Link goes to challenge Ganondorf before he can succeed. Despite his best efforts, Link fails to win and is killed by Ganondorf, but not before the Evil King poses a question to him: "Do you have to try and defeat me? Or do you want to?"

Later still, when Mewtwo is about to convince Bowser to abandon Ganondorf, Ganon shatters Mewtwo's matrix, resulting in instant death for Mewtwo. Enraged, Bowser activates his Ascent Mode, and defeats Ganondorf once and for all.

Smash King Edit

Prior to the events of the series, Link meets Ganon once more, and is shocked to learn that it was Bowser who saved the day. Reminded of Ganon's words prior to his death, Link decides to side with his old enemy and live like a villain. The two eventually meet with Lucario, who Ganon deems a worthy asset to his team for the Smash King tourney. Lucario refuses at first, sensing the darkness in Ganon's heart, but once he is possessed by Mewtwo's soul, he joins forces with Ganondorf, and Team Ganon is officially formed.

Act I Edit

Ganondorf makes his debut in the series in Episode 6. When Lucario attacks Bowser and Pit catches him, Ganondorf arrives with Link and apologizes to Pit for Lucario's misconduct. He then offers to take Bowser to his HQ: when Bowser originally refuses, he threatens to kill Pit unless Bowser comes with him. Therefore, Bowser goes with him.

In Episode 7, Bowser awakens to find himself imprisoned in Ganondorf's lair. Ganon, infuriated by the carelessness of his teammates, yells at them about how close their plan came to failing. Once he calms himself, he reintroduces himself to Bowser: it is here where their relationship with each other is first made clear.

Later, he returns to the Koopa's cell, reminding Bowser of his role in the deaths of both Pichu and Mewtwo (all while pinning the blame on Bowser). In his rage, Bowser once again enters his Ascent Mode and attempts to break free: Ganondorf is pleased by this, stating that Bowser's strength is what will grant him success. At the end of the episode, when Bowser is freed by Sheik, Ganondorf is alerted to the prison break, seemingly aware of who is behind it.

In Episode 8, he and his teammates manage to catch up with the escapees, and threatens to kill Bowser if he doesn't return to him. Before he has time to act, he and his teammates are ambushed by Bowser's friends and Solid Snake (who came at Zelda's request). Despite the Koopa escaping, Ganon shows no real anger at this setback; now that Bowser is aware that Ganondorf's alive, he will now have to take extra precaution knowing that his old enemy is out to get him.

Act II Edit

About a month later, in Episode 9, Team Ganon are the top team in the tournament, having gone undefeated the entire tournament. He and Link decide that now is the perfect time to make their move, and set out to capture Bowser: as they head for Bowser's residence, the two run into Mario and Ike. Ganondorf leaves Ike for Link to deal with, transporting them to another dimension. Although Mario tries to stop Ganon, his efforts prove to be futile, as not even his Ascent Mode fazes the Evil King. After threatening to kill Mario, he resumes his pursuit of Bowser.

In Episode 12, Ganondorf finally arrives at Hotel Bowser and confronts Lucario about abandoning his post. Ganondorf then turns his attention toward Bowser, to whom he presents an ultimatum: if Bowser refuses to join him, he will either kill Liz, Lucario, or both of them alongside Bowser. When Bowser decides to give in, Ganondorf uses his magic to assume complete control of the Koopa and orders him to transform into Giga Bowser. After a brief conflict with Lucario and Dedede (and with Bowser being kept distracted by his friends and the BS Society), Peach manages to reverse the effects of Ganondorf's corruption on Bowser. Angered by yet another setback, Ganon attempts to kill Peach, only to be stopped by Ike and Mario.

In Episode 13, Ganondorf is now engaged in a fierce battle against Mario and Dedede. Just when it appears he has been defeated, he assumes his true form as the bestial Ganon, and uses it to weaken his opponents. Although the transformation weakens him and he now has to contend with several more of Bowser's allies, Ganondorf still manages to hold his own for a majority of the battle. It is only when Bowser reawakens and delivers a brutal beating on him does Ganondorf finally retreat, but not before attempting to get the last word in by saying Bowser is throwing his life away by aiding those who hated him.

Episode 15 begins with a R.O.B squadron attempting to kill Lucario, per Ganondorf's orders. When they fail, Ganon tells the lead R.O.B to pursue Lucario until his ten-life stock is reduced to nothing. As he contemplates how Bowser has again escaped from his clutches, a mysterious roar from deep underground prompts him to investigate. When Ganondorf reaches the source of the sound, a reawakened Meta Ridley, he then orders R.O.B to return Lucario alive, believing he will be of some use. Later still, he arrives at the BS Society's headquarters to speak with President Dedede; despite protests from Pit and Falco, Dedede confirms the meeting to be legitimate, and Ganon is escorted to Dedede's office.

In Episode 16, Ganondorf finally meets with Dedede, thanking him for the chance to talk. Although the meeting starts off shaky, with Ganon taken aback when Dedede calls him "Ganny," the villain soon gains leverage when he discusses his plans to the President, citing that he no longer needs Bowser due to having tamed Ridley. Dedede, realizing he's being challenged, decides to hear Ganon out.

Ganondorf is only mentioned in Episode 17 through flashback, detailing the events of Racconto.

In Episode 18, Ganondorf and Dedede finish their conversation and check on Bowser, who is in the process of fighting Lucario. After a brief skirmish with each other, Dedede lets Bowser go free and prepares to execute Ganondorf. Soon after, Ganon plans to murder Dedede, only to be stopped by Samus and her comrades. Ganondorf summons Phantom Ganon to dispose of them, managing to incapacitate Snake briefly. After his phantom is defeated, Ganondorf finally introduces everyone present to Ridley, who had been previously defeated by Samus and the others. Ganon laughs triumphantly, having finally succeeded in his ambition.

Smash King HD Edit

Ganondorf makes a brief appearance at the end of "Return to Grace," where he comforts Jigglypuff after her loss against Duck Hunt. Already planning another scheme, Ganon convinces Jigglypuff to join his side and get back at Bowser.