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Falco, ace pilot and fighter

Voiced By

SonicMega (Former VA of Falco)

Shadowlink4321 (Current VA of Falco)

First Appearence

File 1: Start (Racconto)

Episode 2: The Hunt For A Dragon (Main Series)

Falco was the arrogant, selfish bird who is the best friend to Fox. He often placed high up on the tier list, being beaten only by Fox and, sometimes, Marth. since Melee, Falco has seemed to calm down, becoming a commentator with his friend Fox at the BS society. More to be added soon...


  • Falco's original voice actor eventually went on to portray Revali in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.  Adding to the fact that Revali already resembles Falco, the two even have similar personalities.
    • In the same game, SonicMega would also voice Teba, a member of Revali's species.