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Captain Falcon
Voiced By Tigura21
First Appearence

File one: Start (Raccanto)

Episode 1: The Mission To Recruit Princess Peach (Main Series)

Captain Falcon is the former fastest in all the world. He usually is at the Bridge of Eldin trying to knock out anyone who passes. His team is made of him, Luigi and Marth and is the worst team in the whole of Brawl.


During the world of Super Smash Bros. Melee, Captain Falcon was an announcer for the exhibition matches. In the world of Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Captain Falcon meets Sonic the Hedgehog, whom he gains a rivalry with after losing a race with him. Captain Falcon obtains Marth and Luigi as Team-Mates for the Smash King Tournament. The team does poorly in the tournament partially to due Captain Falcon's incompetance. Captain Falcon stayed on the Bridge of Eldin for possibly nearly the entire duration of the tournament. Eventually, Captain Falcon encounters Sonic and challenges him to another race which ends up in a tie, angering Sonic. Link then shows up and challenges Team Falcon and Sonic to a fight. Link manages to get the upper hand on them until Sonic transforms into Hyper Sonic. Sonic and Link battle through the rest of the night until Sonic is too tired to continue. After fighting against Link even more to protect Sonic, Captain Falcon states that he wishes for either him or Sonic to experience the dream of being the fastest thing alive. He manages to perform his trademark Falcon Punch on Link, sending Link flying away. However, Captain Falcon collapses from exhaustion and falls into the abyss under the Bridge of Eldin, losing the last of his ten life stock.


Captain Falcon is arrogant and persistant. He often refers to himself in third person. However, it is shown that he tries to follow his dreams as much as he can, and does gain respect for those with a similar dream.


  • Captain Falcon is voiced by Tigura21.
  • Captain Falcon is the first character to die in Smash King, having lost several of his ten life stock fighting Link, and the rest as a result of persistantly staying on the Bridge of Eldin (ex. getting knocked off the stage by King Bulbin)
  • Captain Falcon's personality is similar to the portrayal of Captain Falcon in other Brawl Machinima, such as "Brawlgasm".