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Bowser, the main character

Voiced By Tigura21
First Appearance

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Episode 1 (Main Series)

King Bowser Koopa is the main protagonist of the series, Smash King. He is an animated trophy born in the World of Super Smash Brothers Melee. Mewtwo trained him to fight in Melee and taught him of Ascent Mode before Bowser apparently betrayed him. Now, he lives in the world of Brawl. His tournament team, Team Bowser, is composed of him, Peach and Meta Knight.


The series begins with Bowser once again attempting to kidnap Peach, only to be stopped once again by Mario and Luigi. Angered at how weak he truly is, Bowser is soon comforted by Pichu, his only friend, who invites him to come watch an exhibition match. Pichu tells Bowser that this match is noteworthy due to Fox fighting the most unexpected of opponents: Mewtwo, a Smasher even weaker than the both of them.

The two arrive at Pokemon Stadium, where the match takes place. Bowser expects this match to be over fairly quick, not knowing that Mewtwo has undergone severe training to better himself. When Mewtwo manages to triumph over Fox, everyone is in utter disbelief, even Bowser. The Koopa begs Mewtwo to train him, and after convincing him by beating Falco (with Mewtwo helping him telepathically), the Pokemon takes Bowser in as his student. Bowser soon realizes that he may have bitten off more than he can chew, now realizing just how strong Mewtwo truly is.

At some point, Mewtwo introduces Bowser to Ganondorf, who informs the Koopa about his plan. When Ganon shatters Pichu's matrix, Bowser rushes off to seek help from anyone who can, eventually turning to Mario. Sadly, no one lends a hand to Bowser, and angered by the death of his friend, Bowser joins Ganondorf.

A few months pass, and Bowser decides to join Mario's team in the upcoming Smash King tournament. Mario objects at first, but with a little convincing from Roy and Bowser proving himself to be a competent fighter, Mario begrudgingly signs him up.

Despite being on the same team, Mario still distrusts Bowser, believing that he is waiting to kidnap Peach. One day, while Mario leaves for a meeting regarding the threat Ganondorf poses, Bowser is tasked with looking after Peach, spending a large portion of the day shopping. When they finally return to the castle, Bowser is informed by Mewtwo that Peach was kidnapped while he had his back turned: knowing that Mario will blame him for the incident, Bowser heads for Kongo Jungle to rescue her.

Bowser arrives to find that Peach was kidnapped by Donkey Kong, and the two battle over her. After beating DK, Mario and Roy arrive to comfort Peach; Mario, in his anger, blames Bowser for losing track of her. Bowser proceeds to put the blame on both Mario and Peach, the former being too overbearing and the latter wasting her fighting potential. Although Peach is visibly distraught by both her kidnapping and Bowser's words, she does acknowledge him for saving her.

Time passes, and Team Mario has become a top team in the Smash King tourney; as a result, the rivalry between Bowser and Mario has cooled down considerably. However, everyone is unaware of Bowser's allegiance to Ganondorf, who plans to put his plan into action in the near future. Before he can act, Bowser shows signs of backing out, not wanting to throw his happiness away. Ganondorf then forces Bowser to remember all the hatred and abuse he had to put up with before, reminding him that the same people he calls friends refused to help Pichu, his only true friend, in his hour of need. Enraged, Bowser fully commits himself to helping Ganon, and they make final preparations.

Not long after, Ganondorf's plan is put into action. Team Mario (including Bowser, who does so to fool his teammates) fight off Ganon's minions, eventually arriving in the Creator's Realm. It's here that Bowser betrays Mario, verbally and physically beating him before throwing the plumber to his death. Although Bowser has finally accomplished something his past incarnations have tried to do for years, he becomes racked with guilt over killing someone who he truly did consider his friend.

Mewtwo arrives soon after, trying to stop Bowser from causing any further harm. Bowser lunges at his mentor, continuing to play along as Ganondorf's pawn. When Ganondorf unexpectedly arrives and destroys Mewtwo's matrix, Bowser flies into a rage and enters his Ascent Mode for the first time. With his strength boosted to unparalleled heights, Bowser soundly defeats Ganondorf. He then vows to join Mewtwo in death, and willingly depletes his ten life stock.

Smash KingEdit

Upon arriving in the World of Brawl, Bowser believes that he truly has died and gone to Hell. In a brief bout of insanity, he transforms into Giga Bowser. However, he is confronted by a female Charizard, who berates him for waking her up. Bowser then passes out, exhausted by the transformation. He wakes up in the Charizard's home, who introduces herself as Lizardon. Bowser nicknames her "Liz," and she offers to take him on a tour of the new world. As they go on their journey, they pass by Wario, who is in the process of pursuing Samus. Although they wonder what that was all about, the two soon resume their tour.

Act IEdit

The main series begins with Bowser and Peach fighting at Final Destination. After Bowser defeats Peach, she agrees to meet him at Hyrule Temple to discuss joining his team for the upcoming Smash King Tourney. Bowser informs Wario (who has just been sent flying by Samus), and the latter asks to join Bowser. He denies, saying he doesn't need a second heavyweight, and heads off to find Peach. The two meet, and Peach agrees to join Bowser's team.

Over the next few days, Bowser and Wario search for a third member to round out Team Bowser. Wario introduces Bowser to Meta Knight, who, despite Wario bragging about how strong he is, comes off as a whiny coward. Bowser decides he's seen enough and begins to walk away, only to be stopped by a suddenly confident Meta Knight. Impressed by this newfound strength, Bowser officially recruits Meta Knight to the team, and compliments Wario for his help.

After a few more days, the Smash King tournament is about to begin: to commemorate the event, President Dedede organizes an exhibition match between two teams--Team Bowser and Team Pikachu. The former team is booed by the crowd due to Bowser being team captain, yet ends up beating Pikachu's teammates with little issue. Pikachu challenges the Koopa to a third bout that will determine who wins the exhibition, and despite the objections of Peach and Meta Knight, Bowser accepts.

Bowser soon finds himself outmatched by Pikachu, who has greater mobility and can create combos faster. Just when it appears that the match is over, Bowser gets a sudden burst of motivation from both the cheering of his friends and remembering what he told Mewtwo when he first started training under him. He gains the upper hand on Pikachu, and reveals to the world how powerful he really is by unveiling his Ascent Mode. With it, Bowser defeats his opponent in minutes, winning the match for his team.